DIE TAC TOE, WORD TAC TOE, MATH TAC TOE and ZOO TAC TOE are abstract strategy games where two to four players attempt to control sufficient territory to score points.

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Control the Board

Players take turns flipping tiles in a 6x6 grid using single die rolls. The arrows on the flip side will point towards the player. Aligning enough adjacent arrows towards a player causes the player to score one point.

How To Play

SETUP: Place all the tiles face up in the grid randomly. Reset all score board markers to zero.

On each turn, a player will ...

  • Roll one die
  • Flip any tile that matches the die roll
  • Look for sufficient adjacent arrow alignments to score one point
  • After scoring, flip the tiles back to their numbered faces

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Math-Tac-Toe is a math game using dice. Flip tiles based on math equations formed from only dice rolls.

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Word-Tac-Toe is a word game using dice. Flip tiles by forming 3-letter words with die rolls.

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In Zoo-Tac-Toe, players gain points by having animals escape from the zoo.

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What's in the Box?

The box of lasercut components includes:

  • 6x6 game board for up to four players with ?
  • 4 integrated scoring tracks and score markers
  • 36 numbered tiles (1-6)
  • Two dice to share.